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Back Issues

Look for the back issues you need! A wonderful source of articles on grooming, obedience, selecting a puppy, health issues, as well as interviews with the people who have contributed the most to the advancement of the breed!

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Cover, Fall 2006
Ch. Wafer's Time Will Tell

Jan/Feb 88
Choosing the Dog To Special, Part I

Mar/Apr 89
Responsibilities & Courtesies of the Bitch Owner; The Dubious Joys of Breeding; To show or not to show

Mar/Apr 90
Strom memorial, buying quality puppy, handlers

May/Jun 90
The Sam Tsu Story, new ST Standard

Nov/Dec 93
Featuring Can. Am. Ch. Beswick’s Limited Edition ROM, pest control products, temperament

Jan/Feb 94
Grooming Basics; A/C Ch. Chang Tang’s Elusive Jeffery feature

Jan/Feb 95
Ch. Gunning It’s A Wonder; How to be a Successful Novice; Interview with JoAnn Regelman, Regal; Teeth and Health

Nov/Dec 95
Featuring Phil. Grand Ch. Loubren’s Achilles Mitzi Of Sonora, interview with Vicky Bloemer

May/June 96
Vaccines; Interview with Pat Martello/Bei Jing and Martha Shada/Shansi; Canadian Titles

July/Aug 96
Featuring Paul Flores, handler, eye stain tips

Mar/Apr 97
Handling the Specials dog

July/Aug 97
How to Hire a Handler; Kidney Failure

Sept/Oct 97
Placing Puppies; Go Tell A Novice; How to Rehabilitate an Unsocialized Puppy; Thomas Raber memorial.

Nov/Dec 97
Interview with Sally Vilas/Vilenzo, Therapy Shih Tzu

May/June 98
Featuring Kathy Kwait/Tu Chu, feeding for success, coat care lanolin and oil.

July/Aug 98
Interview with Renata Maraolo, Epsylon (Italy), obedience training using positive reinforcement, an alternative treatment for heartworm, grooming tips from the “pros," performance Shih Tzu, taking care of your back while grooming

Sept/Oct 98
Interview with Pat Waters - Beswick’s, results of the Sidney Royal Show, ASTC National Specialty - results & coverage, the immune system and disease, Pt. 1 - Jean Dodds DVM

Nov/Dec 98
Featuring breeder Carlene Snyder - Car-Ling; update on gene mapping research; review of JoAnn White’s The Official Book of the Shih Tzu

Jan/Feb 99
Interview with Helene Nanni - August Moon; coat care tips from expert Earl Takahashi.

Mar/Apr 99
Patellar luxation explained; frozen vs. fresh entended semen; the immune system & disease resistance Pt. 2; colloidal silver to treat eye stain, an interview with our publisher Jean Fergus

May-June 99
Featuring breeder Brigitte Fowler; black Shih Tzu; more on coat care by Earl Takahashi; the basics of genetics and gene mapping; the skin disease called sebaccceous adenitis

July/Aug 99
Featuring an interview with Margaret Easton./Chumulari; story of Chumulari Ying Ying ROM, reverse sneezing; more on coat care by Earl Takahashi; special dog food recipe; under eyelid infections; tube feeding

Sept/Oct 99
ASTC results; kidney function research; top breeders, dams, sires for 1998; interviw with JoAnn White/Heavenly Dynasty; more on renal displasia

Nov/Dec 99
Featuring breeder Phylis Schwab, Sukara; baby oil soaks for Sebaceous Adenitis; more wisdom from Earl Takahashi; inter vertebral disk disease in dogs; poisoning by chocolate

Jan-Feb 00
Featuring Pat Arrington/Ke-Kae; popular sires and genetics; introduction to canine behavior; articles on diet; homeopathic medicine

Mar-Apr 00
Featuring breeder Tina Nelson/Tinalin Shih Tzu, answers to questions about the raw-natural diet; lots of books reviewed

July/Aug 00
Featuring breeder Brenda Smith/Kendersta; Kitchen Kennel Kronicles and other funny stories; some neonatal tips; the big scam-rabies vaccination; preparing the performance puppy; ethics and Renal Dysplasia; teaching a dog to heel

Sept/Oct 00
ASTC National Specialty coverage; featuring breeder Lucianne Freidlander/Achilles; How to prepare an ad, pt. 1; the Earl-iest response; vaccines - the latest?

Nov/Dec 00
Interview with Carol Valentine/Valentine; Top breeders, sires and dams for 1999; Topknot tips; Genetic testing for markers.

Jan/Feb 01
Featuring breeder-judge Dr. Jon Ferrante/House of Visconti; how to prepare an ad, Pt. 2; dealing with animal control ordinances, obedience safety; canine mycoplasma

Mar/Apr 01
Second part of interview with Dr. Jon Ferrante; How to advertise, pt. 3; Humor from Connie Warnock; book review: A Dog's Life; crate training, more on thyroid testing; World Dog Show

May/June 01
Interview with Dan Haley/Zephyr; air travel with dogs; how to prepare an ad, pt. 4; two-in-one shampoos - do they work? alleviating arthritis, pt. 1

July/Aug 01
Alleviating Arthritis Pt. 2; Dogs Shows of Years Past Pt. 2; Drug Alert, Pt. 1; Who is a Top Breeder? (Editorial); Why Agility?

Sept/Oct 01
National Results; Interview With Kelly Norrish; Bathing Your Puppy; Protein & Kidney Disease; Withholding Ribbons; Pedigree Analysis

Nov/Dec 01
Early Obedience Training; Generic Judging; Puppy Sales; Interview with Melinda Williams/Melwynd; AKC Recovery News

Jan/Feb 02
Tube Feeding Puppies; Interview with Barbara Ann Ewer

Mar/Apr 02
Puppy Proofing Your Home and Yard; Daryl Martin interview; Care and Feeding of the Kidneys; Canadian National.

May/June 02
Interview with James Hall/Jasaha, Epilepsy Treatment, Inheritance and Research; Dog Show Courtesies, Reputable Breeders

July/Aug 02
Conformation: The Elusive Proper Front; Dangers on our Shelves; Unwritten Rules of Dog Shows; AKC news

Sept/Oct 02
ASTC Coverage, Interview with Edd Bivin; Interview with Janet Danner/Dancee; Placing dogs: Profiling a Prospect; Dew Claw Removal

Jan-Feb 03
Interview with Xeralane Kennels; Remembering Karen Wihebrink; Grooming Tips 101 Pt 1; Drug Alert Pt 2

Mar/April 03
Susan E Student memorial; Vaccination News; Interview with Michael Shea-Zackin; Grooming Tips 101 pt 2; Story Behind Xeralane; Tribute to Birdie L. Newbill; If You Are A Hobby Breeder

May/June 03
Showing Dogs in Thailand; “Eye-balling for correct breed size; Placing the Hard to Place dog; Interview with Wagner Fernandes and Pat Keen-Fernandes; More Research is Needed for RD; Crufts 2003; AKC Pet Healthcare Plan

July/Aug 03
Geriatric Peripheral Vestibular Disease; Interview with Laurie Semple/Kai Shih; Shih Tzu as Security; Grooming (Skunked)

Sept/Oct 03
ASTC National results and judges critiques, agility; the use of Preventative Medications; Hemorraghic Gastroenteritis (HGE); Idiosyncrasies or Genetics?

Nov/Dec 03
Interview with Marsha Allen, Gremallens; Show mentoring; Some guidelines in choosing a professional handler; Puppy Mills: The Dog Place interviews Mrs Patti Strand, Pt. 1

Jan/Feb 04
Bitch Selection: Outstanding bitches are the key; You Want to use your dog at stud?; Debut of online registration; Puppy Mills, Mrs. Patti Strand interviewed by The Dog Place Pt 2.

Mar/April 04
Better Breeding: The X Factor; Calcitrioil Treatment for Renal Insufficiency; Multi Titles: The Versatitles

May/June 04
Allergis Dermataitis; AVMA Animal Facts; Breeding Better Dogs; Tightnose or, Pinched Nostrils; Editorial on Club Publications

July/Aug 04
Irene and Edwin Luy, Triton Kennels; Dog Show Crud Update; The Rising Storm Pt 1; Better Breeding: Nature vs Nurture; Rimadyl In Dogs; Interview with Jennifer Miller/Krissy’s

Sept/Oct 04
National ‘04 show and agility results; Structure, Fronts: Demodicosis; Spotlight on Carol and Wally Rice, Karola; Raising pups to be good companions, Immune System Pt 2

Winter 04/5
New Renal Dysplasia news; Building a Better World of Breeders; Emergency Remedies, Hairspray; Mast Cell Tumors.

Spring 05 $10
Emergency Remedies Pt 2; What breeders need to know, Pt 2; Puppy Strangles; Interview with Douglas Wang; Contracts

Summer 05 $10
Ch. Ista’s Wicked Fantasy “Bad” feature; The Rising Storm: What breeders need to know Pt 3; Mark Of A champion; A Miracle Potion for Fading Puppies; Downside of Inbreeding; Interview with Mary K. Dullinger

Fall 05 $10
Interviews with Judy Franks, Hashanah & Vera Hayward, Hai Sing; What Breeders Need to Know About the Immune System Pt 4; 2005 National; How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With;;Whelping Specifics for New Breeders.

Winter 05/6 $10
Finding Shihtzuland, a Story about this year’s National; Renal Dysplasia Research; A Breeder; Small Miracle.

Spring 06 $10
Cold Turkey CGC; Do Dogs Have Strokes?; The Self Stacking Toy; Interview with Carol Spicka, Kashmir; Surefire Ways to Train Your Dog

Summer 06 $10
Breeding Challenges; In Memory of Gay Widdrington/Lhakang Kennel and Elaine Meltzer/Laniee; Health: Exploring the mysteries of Liver Shunts; Shih Tzu beauty and how to maximize it; Health: Two important health alerts.

Fall 06 $10
Health: New Renal Dysplasia Tests; ASTC National show results, judges’ critiques, coverage; Crufts UK: A Dandie Legacy.

Winter 06/7 $10
More On Puppy Strangles; Chlorinated Water . . . A BIG No- No!: With Early Detection; Dog Psychology; Breeding Better Dogs; The Eyes Have It

Spring 07 $10
Paul Watson/Motown Shih Tzu; Cross Breeding: Designer dogs; Approval To Judge; Geriatric Care

Summer 2007
Health: The Clean Machine by Jean Simmonds; "Designer Dogs" More than "accepted"--now considered a "must have"; Health: My Dog is Healthy Except for . . .; Senior Care: Why Does My Dog Do That?; OFA testing: Preliminary Evaluations are Useful

Fall 2007
Health: Orthopedic Problems; Editorial: More on designer dogs; ASTC National Show Results and Judge's Comments; AKC News: Air Transport of Brachycephalic Dogs

Winter 2007/8
Breeding Better Dogs: Building a Better World of Breeders by Dr Carmen Battaglia; Kennel Profiles: Cheryll Limso/Fantasia; Performance Training: Reining in an obedient dog: What we can learn from horse trainers; Handling: Planning to Lose; Health: Lumps, Bumps and Other Skin Growths; Peggy Hogg memorial; Health: Living with Cushing Disease; Inherited Traits: Unwanted traits appearing in our breed

Spring 08 $10
Journey’s Journey Home; Judges’ Forum with Ms Gay Dunlap; Puppy Mills--A Rant; Breeder-Forum with Sally Watkeys, S’Dandi; Dog Denistry

Summer 2008
DNA Testing: Who is really my daddy?; Nutrition: Vitamin K3; Geriatric Care; Puppy Mills; Judges' Forum with Richard Beauchamp; Breed Rescue; Breeding Strategies: Selecting Breeding Stock--Do we need another way? Showing: Please Don't Run; Kennel Profile: Michael Shea-Zackin/Olive's Grove Shih Tzu

Fall 2008
Nationals: 2008 coverage, including results, write-ups and performance articles; Ch Tojo Midnight Max memorial; Kennel Profile featuring Valeria Gerace, Docura; Laurie Semple memorials; Health: Swimmers (aka "flat puppies"); Ring Stewarding; Health: Great Gains from No Pain; How to advertise (revisited) Pt 1

Winter 2008/9
Handler spotlight with Gregory and Tammarie Larson/Ista; Kennel profile with Marg Brown, Shente; Humor article by Terri Jenkins, I Am Ill; Judges' Forum with Mrs Janis Clary McGee; Grooming: Oh, Those Topknots!; How to Advertise Pt 2; New Heart Test for Dogs

Spring 2009
After the Championship by Bonnie Guggenheim; Breeder-Forum with Troy Dargin, Falling Star Shih Tzu; Animal Legislation: Judges Outrages Fancy!; Health: Congenital Canine Cardiac Defects (PDA)

Summer 2009
Handler forum with Susan Adamson/San Yen; Breeding Strategies: Breeding Goals; AKC News: AKC and the mixed breed; Diet: Canine Hunger and Caution in the Kitchen; Important Health Updates regarding Renal Disease and Vaccinations

Fall 2009
ASTC coverage including results, judges' critiques, and show stories; Breeder-Forum with Susan Bowden, Dynasty Shih Tzu; The ABCs of House training your puppy; AKC Votes to Approve a New Title

Winter 2009/2010
Health: Titers or Vaccines Boosters?; Breeder Forum with Susan Kilgore, Fantasy Shih Tzu; Contracts: To Avoid Misunderstandings Stud Contracts are a Must; Warning: Poisonous Holiday Plants; Whelping: DHA (Fish Oil) Does Your Brood Bitch/Puppies Have Enough?; Health: Open Fontanels

Spring 2010
Health: Enzymes: The spark plugs for your dog's engine; Judges' Forum with Victor Joris; Considerations when breeding your bitch; Breeder-Forum with Jo Ann White, Heavenly Dynasty; Animal Regulation: Little-Minded Littleton vs Bob Attleson; Rescue: Why I Have Shih Tzu

Summer 2010
Puppy Placement: Making the right match; In Memory: Gilbert S Kahn, Charles Long and Margaret Easton; Health: Pyometra, An Open and Shut Case; Grooming: Toenails, a quick primer; Should We Stop "Littering?"

Fall 2010
National coverage including Judge's critique and results and write up; Performance featuring Olive's Grove Malachy Finn; DNA testing: Another take on Who's Your Daddy?; Health: Preventing another tragedy (Xylitol poisoning); Breed Standard: Preferred Breed Type; Puppy Health: The fine line; Conditional Registration: Will it Impact You?

Winter 2010
A Judge's Viewpoint: What judge expects of Exhibitors; Breeder-Forum with Charlee Byford, Pien Ji Shih Tzu; Diet, Training, Etc, Tips and Tricks

Spring 2011
Breeder-Forum with JoAnn Gustafson/Ningsia; Conformation: Piece Work Dogs or Symmetry?; Health: Probiotics: Food or Drugs; Living With Dogs: Dog-scaping for Four-Legged Friends; Socializing Puppies by Jo Ann White; Training: "No" is a Useless Word; The Eyes Have It

Summer 2011
Follow up on Xylitol article; Mentoring: The Tragic Loss of Bloodlines and Mentoring in America; Breeder-Forum with Bridget Simon, Simon Shih Tzu; Video Your Match - A great learning tool!; HSUS, Six members of Congress Join the Call for IRS Action

Fall 2011
Mentoring: The Tragic Loss of Bloodlines and Mentoring in America; Breeder-Forum with Karen Schut, Schutzu's Shih Tzu; Type or Hype? Preferred Type vs Breed Type

Winter 2011
Breeder Forum With Linda Davi, Kylin Shih Tzu; Good and Bad Fats in Your Dogs' Diet; Anesthesia Myths and Urban Legends; Campaigning a Dog: Secrets of Show Dog Success; Dog Psychology: Attention Seeking Behavior

Spring 2012
New HSUS news; Humor: Letter from a Shih Tzu Mom; Breeder-Forum With Kathryn Jones, Sandraker Shih Tzu; Conformation: Building Winning Pedigrees; Breeding: Dealing With Birth Defects; Psychology: Is Your Dog Licking or Kissing?

Summer 2012
Shih Tzu History: Then and Now by Victor Joris; Behavior: Stopping Your Dog From Barking; Health: If You Can't Stand the Heat (on burnt pad denial in dogs); Breeder-Forum with Wendy Graves, TruBlu Shih Tzu; Health: Grape and Raisin Poison

Fall 2012
Judges: How do you Deal With Irate Exhibitors?; Conformation: Evaluating Dogs Pt 1; Vaccinations, How Important are They?; Future Breeder Mentorship; ASTC National Coverage; Dangers & Unbelievable Uses for WD40

Winter 2012
Conformation: Evaluating Dogs Pt 2 Soundness, Structure and Breed Type; Allergy Drops are Easier to Administer; Easy Pet Treats; Basic Breeding Principles; Animals Get Bored, Too


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